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If you feel that you would like to hold an event in aid of Baby Lifeline, but are not sure how, we can help in 6 easy steps:

Get Inspired

If you want to do something that’s going to grab everyone’s attention but need a little nudge in the right direction, try having a look at our previous fundraisers’ ideas here  or our Fundraising Ideas Page. Keep your target audience in mind in order to maximise success.

Set a Target

Setting a fundraising target will help you and your supporters raise as much as possible, and help you with your budget. It could also help you attract more media attention in the promotion of the event.

The Details

There are a few things to consider when organising an event: venue, date of event, who you want there, budget plans, legal requirements and responsibilities, and the promotion of the event. Brainstorm with people in order to get lots of ideas.

Tell Everyone

In order to get the best turnout and make the most of all of your hard work, it would be a good idea to start telling people right at the start. Print out leaflets, email friends, tweet about it, and get local or national newspapers and radio stations involved – this will really boost your event! Read More About Publicising Your Event.

Enjoy your Event!

You’ve put in all of the hard work, so make sure you enjoy yourself. Try to plan worst case scenarios to prepare, but everyone is there for the same reason – to support newborn babies, unborn babies, and Mothers across the UK and internationally – so try not to worry.

Thank your Guests

Try to gather contact information (email is always best for both) at the beginning of the event for all of those involved and then send them pictures and a nice summary of the night, including monies raised, to thank them. After all, they deserve it.

Remember: When planning an event for Charity, there are things you have to consider. For more detail into legal and responsible fundraising, please visit:

For details of how to donate your money, please visit How To Pay Your Money In.