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Getting Publicity

Publicising your fundraising event

Publicising your event in local media is a great way to get extra support, while also raising awareness of Baby Lifeline.

A press release basically means telling your story to the media to see if they would be interested in covering your event in their newspaper or radio show.

It’s easy and anyone can do it

Step 1

If you have a personal reason for supporting us, put this in your press release, and send it to your local papers and radio stations. It will bring the story to life.

Step 2

If your event is at a school or in the community (such as a sports day, coffee morning or pramathon) be sure to mention this in the press release so that they can send along reporters or photographers on the day.

Step 3

Completed press releases can be sent to the news desk of your local papers and to any local radio stations. You should be able to find contact details in the local phone directory, in the local papers themselves or on the internet.

Step 4

Once you have sent the press release it’s also worth making a follow up call to check that they’ve received it and to find out whether they intend to cover the story.

Step 5

Use social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even YouTube) to publicise your event and help your fundraising.