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Fundraising Ideas

A-Z of fundraising

A Abseil, art show, auction

B Bad hair day, ball, bag packing, bike ride, birthday celebrations, bring ‘n’ buy

C Carol singing, car boot sale, car washing, coffee morning, craft sale

D Dinner party, disco, dog walking

E Easter egg hunt, egg and spoon race, eighties night

F Fashion show, face painting, festival, film night, football competition, fun run

G Garden party, golf tournament, guessing games, garage sale

H Head-shave,

I It’s a knockout, international food evening

J Jumble sale, job swap, juggling contest

K Knobbly knees contest, karaoke,

L Lock up your boss, leg waxing, and line dance

M Musical event, murder mystery evening

N Non uniform day

O Open garden party, obstacle races

P Parachuting, picnic

Q Quiz night

R Race night, raffle, run

S Sponsored activity (silence, swim, bike ride, walk), silent auction, strawberry tea

T Tombola, treasure hunt, talent contest

U Unwanted goods sale

V Valentines ball, vintage car rally

W Wellie throwing, window cleaning, wine tasting

X Xmas party, xmas shopping car parking

Y Yo-yo competition, yellow themed night

Z Zany accessories day

At work

Dress down Friday: Ask everyone to wear casual clothes at work on a Friday for a £1 charge. It really lightens the mood, and gets everyone working together ready for the weekend.

Skills auction: Offer your skills and services to the highest bidder. You could offer to get your colleague’s lunch, jazz up their PowerPoint presentations or recycle their unwanted paper.

Email-free day: Have an email-free day at work. Everyone pays a fee to take part, and pays a fine if they break the rules.

Who’s the baby? Ask everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby, then charge people £2 to guess the identities, with a prize for the winner.

At school

Non uniform day: Ditch the school uniform and pay a small amount to go to school in casual clothes for a day. Dress-down days are simple but effective ways of raising funds, especially if you decide to ask everyone to dress according to a theme.

Sponsored Mini Marathon: Ask the children to run/walk a specific distance and collect sponsorship money – it’s a great way to keep fit and raise money for a good cause.

Pupils v Teachers: Hold a quiz morning where pupils pit their knowledge against their teachers’. You can choose any subject to quiz people on.

At home

Sell something: You can do something useful with unwanted items you have at home – sell them and donate the proceeds to Baby Lifeline! You could organise a car boot sale or use the internet.

Let’s do lunch: Host a lunch for your friends and ask them for donations – around the same amount of money they would have spent if they had dined out at a restaurant.

With Others

If you’re a member of a group or club form a committee of helpers and organise a really big event.

  • Organise a sponsored walk.
  • Have a golf day.
  • Hold a ball or charity dinner.
  • Organise a concert.

Whats next?

If you’d like to find out more about fundraising for us, please call us on 01676 534 671 or send us an email.

Or, why not create an online fundraising page to make collecting donations that bit simpler.