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Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Each year 9-15 October is Baby Loss Awareness Week. Throughout the week bereaved parents, their families and friends, unite with each other and others across the world to commemorate their babies’ lives.

Baby Loss Awareness Week also provides a chance to raise awareness about the issues surrounding pregnancy and baby loss in the UK. This year we are calling for improved bereavement support for families affected by baby and pregnancy loss.

In the UK, Baby Loss Awareness Week is a collaboration between more than 60 charities and Baby Lifeline is proud to be involved.

Our Work to Help Prevent Baby Loss

The latest figures show that every day around 15 babies are stillborn or die in their first 28 days of life, and 80% of those investigated could have been avoided with better care (MBRRACE-UK, 2017).

Baby Lifeline is working to reduce these numbers by providing healthcare professionals working in maternity with the tools and skills they need. We provide high-quality training in areas identified by perinatal and maternal mortality reports, and equipment requested by maternity units across the UK. We also carry out national research concerning improvements to maternity care.

Our Implementing Saving Babies’ Lives training course aims to help maternity healthcare professionals, including sonographers, midwives and obstetricians to predict and prevent prematurity, identify babies that are too small for their gestational age, and strategies to reduce stillbirth.

Our faculty are leaders in their field with national and international reputations, working together with local obstetricians and midwife sonographers who are working on the front-line, to provide interactive sessions and lively discussion about problems that arise in everyday clinical practice and the challenges posed in attempting to deliver a high quality service for all.

Equally, training health professionals in appropriate bereavement care is paramount in ensuring that all families receive the same support following a tragic loss. No family should feel isolated or unsupported. We are proud to be part of this Baby Loss Awareness movement.


Previous Years

Baby Loss Debate 2017

Baby Lifeline is proud to have its hard work in multidisciplinary maternity training acknowledged by the Minister of State for Health, Philip Dunne, in the Baby Loss debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday 10th October 2017. You can watch the debate here. (Scroll to 18:38.29 to hear about Baby Lifeline’s training.)