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Bob Moran

Campaign Ambassador

Bob Moran

“Our beautiful daughter, Poppy, was born in 2013 with brain damage caused by hypoxia during labour. Everyday, she has to cope with reduced mobility, impaired vision and epileptic seizures. We are immensely proud that Poppy is starting mainstream primary school this year. She has had to endure so much and work so hard to achieve what other people take for granted. But had the proper monitoring equipment been made available during labour, all of this hardship may have been avoided. Baby Lifeline’s mission to ensure that all expectant mothers receive the appropriate monitoring is absolutely vital. No unborn baby in the UK should have to suffer in silence. I am very honoured to be working with Baby Lifeline to help make that a reality.”


Bob Moran is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator based in Hampshire, UK. He has been the Daily Telegraph’s weekend cartoonist since 2011 and in 2015 was awarded the Gilray Goblet for Political Cartoon of the Year by the Political Cartoon Society. The same year, Bob created the animated short film, ‘Father’s Days’, about the birth of his daughter.

The film received over two million views and is now used by medical practitioners and therapists all over the world. ‘Father’s Days’ was shortlisted for a World Illustration Award by the AOI and was an Honoree at the 2016 Webby Awards. Bob continues to work towards raising awareness of children with disabilities through personal projects and work with charities. He lives with his wife, Sally, and children, Poppy and Dillon.