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Experience the thrill of a parachute jump!

The jumps are organised by Skyline Promotion

Adventurous volunteers

If you have ever wanted to do a parachute jump then here is your chance!
Baby Lifeline is looking for adventurous volunteers to make a fundraising parachute jump and if you raise enough sponsorship then you will get to jump for free!

The jumps are organised by Skyline Promotions, Skyline was founded 16 years ago specialising in organising parachute jumps for first time jumpers and is now one of the largest organisers of Parachuting and Skydiving courses in the UK.

Many of these jumps are made for charity and to date Skyline jumpers have raised more than £10 million for over 1,500 charities.

For more information visit the Skyline website or contact Baby Lifeline on 01676 534671 or send us an email at

Tandem skydives


Experience a tandem skydive, strapped to a professional instructor get the chance to freefall at up to 120mph!


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Static Line Parachuting


Take a static line parachuting course, train over two days and put yourself in total control as you learn parachuting from heights of up to 3,000ft.


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Accelerated freefall skydiving courses


Go for the ultimate skydiving experience with a professional skydiving course. The accelerated freefall skydive will see you jump from 2 miles high with two skydiving instructors by your side – then simply enjoy the tranquillity of parachuting to the ground before landing SOLO!

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No experience is necessary

You can jump from any one of over twenty British Parachute Association approved airfields across the UK.

No experience is necessary as all training is given and if you raise £360 or more (depending on the type of jump you choose) you will receive your jump for free!

So if you would like to make a thrilling skydive from 10,000 feet or an exhilarating solo jump from up to 3,000, don’t hesitate to get in touch.