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World Prematurity Day 2017

Thank Your Healthcare Teams on World Prematurity Day 2017

1 in 13 babies born in the UK will be born prematurely (before 37 weeks of gestation).

Baby Lifeline’s History with Prematurity

Baby Lifeline was founded by Judy Ledger, after the tragic loss of her first three babies – all born prematurely. Lisa was stillborn at almost 24 weeks, Emma at 25 weeks, and Stuart at almost 28 weeks. Our aim is to ensure the best outcome from pregnancy and birth, and we do this by providing training and equipment, and carrying out high impact research.

Judy’s goal was to provide support and thank healthcare professionals, and started to raise money for an incubator in her local unit to help premature babies survive and thrive. She and her team have since raised £10 million towards the support of safer care in maternity, and the charity has gone from strength to strength, training 6,000 over the next year in key areas; including, the prediction and prevention of preterm birth, fetal growth restriction, and stillbirth.

#MyMiniMiracle & the UK M.U.M Awards™ – Thanking Your Teammum-awards-assets-2018-2-hr

Deaths due to premature births have decreased, and this has a lot to do with the hard work and continued professional development of healthcare teams. Baby Lifeline, to this day, focuses on supporting and thanking those incredible teams.

Baby Lifeline is holding the UK M.U.M (Maternity Unit Miracle) Awards™, which sets out to thank maternity healthcare professionals. We are asking for your story of a “miracle baby” who survived a difficult pregnancy or birth thanks to the care given.

Please also share your miracle, by using #MyMiniMiracle, as part of a campaign with Cosatto to thank healthcare professionals.

We are pleased to say that Judy went on to have three of her own mini miracles (now not so mini), all born prematurely but all now grown up – one of which is now working nationally to deliver Baby Lifeline’s training with leading experts.

Nominate you maternity healthcare team for the UK M.U.M Awards™!



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