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World Prematurity Day – 17 November 2016

Today is World Prematurity Day – a day to raise awareness of premature births and the impact this common occurrence can have on parents and their families.

At Baby Lifeline we fully understand the concern and confusion that the parents of premature babies go through. Our Chief Executive, Judy Ledger lost three of her own children to prematurity complications and it was this that drove her to start Baby Lifeline. From then, 35 years ago this month, our mission has been clear – improve the safety and care of mothers and their newborn babies. Judy has since gone on to have three more children, all of whom were born prematurely but healthy.

In the UK, around 8% of babies are born prematurely and one baby every day will need to be admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit to be looked after. Small babies weighing less than 5 and a half pounds are more at risk, and so it is important to focus on predictive and preventative techniques. In addition, we need to make sure that neonatal units have every piece of functioning equipment they need to take care of smaller and more vulnerable babies.

At Baby Lifeline we are dedicated to providing the tools needed to care for mothers  at risk of giving birth prematurely as well as those babies that arrive early. We have recently launched our ambitious and ground-breaking Monitoring for Mums Appeal, which will provide hospitals with the equipment and training they need to give mums and babies the best start.

For the clinicians: Click here for relevant training courses.

See also – Each Baby Counts – the RCOG’s national quality improvement programme.

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