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The 2.6 Challenge – Help Us Continue Our Work

We need your help to continue our work supporting NHS maternity teams give mums and babies the best care possible.

Maternity care hasn’t stopped during this pandemic, and maternity teams need your support to continue their incredible work. We work with teams across the UK to provide training, equipment and carry out research to give mums and babies the best care possible from pregnancy, birth, and afterwards.

What could you do to help us continue our work?

This Sunday was supposed to be the 40th Virgin Money London Marathon, and as a nod to the incredible work that marathon runners undertake each year in raising astonishing amounts of money for charities, the Two Point Six Challenge has been born.

We are calling all fundraising heroes to undertake the Two Point Six Challenge.

Some ideas:

·      2.6 laps hopping around the garden

·      Gardening for 26 minutes

·      A 2.6mile walk

·      Or donate £26 or £2.60 directly to our cause.

Are you up for the challenge in-between Netflix marathons, gardening, and bleaching the bathroom tiles?

Head to the website, and register your activity or donate to support Baby Lifeline. 

Please share your efforts with us – we’d love to show you off to the nation. Tag us in your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts.


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