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Safe to say the focus is now on Safer Maternity Care.

Safer Maternity Care is now a major factor on the government agenda.

We are delighted to hear that the Department of Health has announced an action plan for ‘Safer Maternity Care’ (SMC).
Its aim is simple – to dramatically improve the safety of maternity care in the NHS.

For those of you who are long term subscribers to our work here at Baby Lifeline you will understand that this is music to our ears. For over 35 years we have been working towards standardising maternity care across the UK – raising funds to supply hospitals with up to date equipment, developing multidisciplinary training courses with our faculty of leading professionals and campaigning for safer and better care for mothers and their babies during and after pregnancy.

The new measures are aimed at providing resources for Trusts to improve their approach to maternity safety – £8 million has been allocated for the kind of multidisciplinary training that we offer to maternity units.

The SMC has been structured to have five key drivers based on the NHS England report ‘Spotlight on Maternity’.

  • Focus on leadership: create strong leadership for maternity systems at every level.
  • Focus on learning and best practice: identify and share best practice, and learn from investigations.
  • Focus on teams: prioritise and invest in the capability and skills of the maternity workforce and promote effective multi-professional team working.
  • Focus on data: improve data collection and linkages between maternity and other clinical data sets, to enable benchmarking and drive a continuous focus on prevention and quality.
  • Focus on innovation: create space for accelerated improvement and innovation at local level.

As you can see the first three key drivers are extremely relevant to our work.

You can read the full action plan on the Government website.

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