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Baby Lifeline’s Marathon Heroes

Baby Lifeline’s Marathon Heroes

We are proud to say that we have a team of 6 representing our charity in this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon.

To read their stories and show them your support, please visit their JustGiving pages:

Susie Crowe

Susie is one of our core faculty members on the ‘Human Factors’ course – covering vital topics like leadership, situational awareness and decision making, and team working.

“Baby Lifeline is an amazing charity that is very close to my heart. Through its charitable donations it provides multi-disciplinary training and equipment to provide safer maternity care in the UK. I am proud to be core faculty on their human factors course, so when the opportunity came to run the London Marathon for them I jumped at the chance.”

Daniel French

Dan is a Partner at Gateley Plc, and one of 3 Partners running for Baby Lifeline – their chosen Charity of the Year at their Birmingham office.

“Baby Lifeline is a truly terrific cause. The charity specialises in providing support to pregnant women and their unborn or new-born babies. They do this by providing training, equipment and support to neo-natal and maternity units, to help survival rates for premature births and ensure the best possible outcome for mother and baby.

It is a small charity that is close to our hearts as a business… I am proud to support Baby Lifeline and consider being given the opportunity to run the Marathon in support is a privilege.”

Tim Ledger

Tim is another Partner from Gateley Plc – the second of our three!

“My wife started the charity 35 years ago after the personal tragedy of losing 3 babies.  Despite having no Government or regular funding… the charity has made a real difference to the outcomes for Mothers and Babies all over the country.

I got involved with the charity 33 years ago when I met Judy and until then I had always thought that having a healthy baby whenever you wanted was something people just did and that was that.  How wrong!  The problems caused by premature birth or caused by complications at full term are as real today as they have ever been in the distant past.  We have better equipment and better trained staff but there are still too many problems that can be avoided with better equipment and training.  As you know there’s only so much money available to go round so we need to help charities like Baby Lifeline so parents can have that “best day of their lives” that they always expected.  When we had our kids I had expected it too, so I was grateful that when our children were born prematurely they had an incubator to go into – one supplied by the charity!  But the charity does so much more than just buy incubators.  It buys so much other equipment and also runs cutting edge training workshops and conferences for medical professionals.  But right now money is needed for equipment.  The charity recently wrote to all maternity hospitals in the country and the shopping bill it’s had back comes to a staggering £5m – yes £5m!”

George Parker-Fuller

George is the third supportive Partner running for Baby Lifeline from Gateley Plc.

“Baby Lifeline only has… a very light touch administrative structure so the vast majority of the funding raised goes directly to where it is needed. When Tim Ledger mentioned to me that he was looking for runners as the Charity had taken some slots at the London Marathon I said…. “come on Tim that could be me and you…” and the rest, as they say, is history!

All of us can appreciate the stress and worry which comes with a ‘standard’ pregnancy. The educational and support work which is done by Baby Lifeline together with the physical equipment which they acquire for maternity and neo-natal suites helps to alleviate the problems faced by hundreds of families who find themselves in the position of having a non-standard pregnancy or premature birth.”

Mark Quickfall

Mark got in touch after seeing that we had places on our team for the year, and so we signed him up!

“I’m running the marathon again this year, I had such fun last year so I’m running for Baby Lifeline this time

Baby Lifeline is a unique national charity supporting the care of pregnant women and newborn babies all over the UK and worldwide.”

Olivia Roe

Olivia got in touch through one of our clinical advisors, and we’re happy to welcome her as the final member of our awesome team.

“This year, I’m doing the London Marathon for Baby Lifeline, the UK’s leading charity for the care of pregnant women and babies. They do masses in training health care professionals and in gaining the best possible equipment and tech so mums and little ones get all advantageous opportunities available.”

Please take the time to read about our runner’s stories by clicking on their names – also look out for the blue running vests on Marathon day!


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