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Baby Lifeline Heads to Iceland
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Baby Lifeline Heads to Iceland

Earlier this year we were asked to run two days of our popular CTG Masterclass with Mr Edwin Chandraharan at a hospital in Iceland, and so we arranged the course for the beginning of December. The course looks at correctly interpreting the baby and mother’s heartbeat in labour, and will promote safer care for children and mothers at and around the time of birth.

Mr Edwin Chandraharan addressing the delegates

Mr Edwin Chandraharan addressing the delegates

We left the chilly climes of the UK, which was enjoying a rather cold snap of around minus 5 degrees celsius, and set off for Iceland. Thankfully we arrived during an unseasonal heat wave boasting highs of around 9 degrees Celsius.

It was wonderful to meet so many maternity professionals while we were there, they showed us their maternity unit, and made us feel so welcome. We even got to meet all of the amazing people behind the charity Lyf, which funded the maternity unit’s renovation and much of the equipment and training they need. The charity was also celebrating its 7th birthday in December! If anyone knows what a feat that is it’s us!

All of the delegates felt that the course would have an effective influence on their practice, with over three quarters of them saying that they would change their practice in a minor or major way. More than 40% of the delegates said they would change their practice in a major way.

We are still amazed at their culture and how they are able to speak such perfect English – sometimes better than we could. We would certainly welcome any opportunity to work with such a wonderful unit again.

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