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Mind the Gap

An Investigation into the Training Gap Between NHS Trusts in England

After a number of reports stating a stark difference in neonatal mortality and stillbirth rates across England, and observations on a number of our courses showing differences in practice across Trusts, Baby Lifeline became increasingly concerned with a lack of standardisation in care and wanted to investigate. In November 2015, Baby Lifeline sent out Freedom of Information requests to all Trusts in England to gain a better understanding of mandatory and non-mandatory training offered by Trusts, including the governance, available budgets, training topics, and frequency, duration, assessment, and delivery of training. In March 2016 researchers from the University of Hull and Baby Lifeline began to order, analyse, and evaluate the responses received from Trusts.

We have concluded, despite some limitations with the data, that training provision varies widely between Trusts in England, in terms of which topics are offered and how they are provided. There is a need for more consistency in the range of topics provided as well as the quality of training. There is also a need for further exploration of mandatory and non-mandatory training offered by Trusts in England, with a view of gathering more complete, reliable and consistent information.

Baby Lifeline and University of Hull are looking into carrying out this further work in order to improve safety for mothers and babies, and as part of Baby Lifeline’s mission to give clinicians the best tools to give babies the best start possible.


Download the full report here.

Download the Mind the Gap infographic here.