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What we do

In its unique role, Baby Lifeline supports the care of pregnant women and their unborn and newborn babies – ensuring the best possible outcome from pregnancy and birth. It does this in three distinct ways, dictated always by priority of need and available funding:

  • The provision of equipment for maternity and neonatal units
  • The provision of specialist training for the relevant health professionals to ensure best practice (always responding to key national findings)
  • Support for specific, short-term, high-impact research

Provision of Equipment

Baby Lifeline works with leading health and legal professionals, as well as local hospitals, to identify and prioritise equipment needs for the maternity sector. Equipment ranges from small items, such as digital weighing scales for babies, to major pieces of technology such as incubators, scanners, and various and vital monitoring equipment.

Please click here to view a breakdown of the hospitals that have benefited from Baby Lifeline funds and equipment donations.

Please click here for information on equipment provided during our UK Maternity Equipment Appeal which ran from 2008 to 2012.

Please click here for information on equipment provided as part of our ongoing ‘Monitoring for Mums’ Appeal.

Please click here to view other provisions.

Provision of Specialist Training

Baby Lifeline understands that training must be up-to-date to improve care already given and to help improve safety; therefore, it works together with its Multi-Professional Advisory Panel and other leading health professionals to develop and implement life-saving training courses for maternity teams across the UK.

The charity’s training is now delivered through Baby Lifeline Training – a not for profit social enterprise organisation. Please click the following to see achievements to date and all relevant training projects.

Training Programmes Staged (1999-2014)

Training Places Funded by the Charity in 2015

Short-Term High-Impact Research

Again, dictated by priority and need, this support has been available and can be in the future.

Projects Funded

Daniella: One of Baby Lifeline’s First Miracle Babies


One day old and baby Daniella, born on September 9, weighs one and a half pounds and is just 12 inches long. Her delicate and still transparent skin is covered in bruises from the birth, and she is wrapped in a plastic sheeting to keep her warm. She is so premature her eyelids are still fused together; she cannot breathe for herself and has a tube in her mouth to put oxygen into her lungs.


After about three weeks she is putting on weight, but fed and monitored via probes and tubes. Her eyes open after about three weeks. She continues to need support with breathing while her lungs develop but after about four weeks she has a ‘head box’ to give her oxygen rather than a tube, a first step towards her breathing unaided.


Daniella was well enough to come out of the incubator after about eight weeks.


Daniella is now a fit and healthy adult, who has graduated from University.